January 2021 Trail Update

It is January 17th, 2021.  We have finished clearing the hazards off of our trails.  We were hit hard with wind storms this past autumn leaving many trees on the trails.  Check out our Facebook posts and website to see some of the work being done to open trails.  Thank you to those volunteers that helped get this work done.  We have only had a few centimetres of snow this past couple of weeks and our temperatures have been hovering close to 0 most days.  This has been a challenge that mother nature controls, and we don’t.  We will be putting some trails to yellow this week.  This is the OFSC guideline for yellow: “LIMITED AVAILABILITY – Access to the identified route is limited with marginal riding opportunities, snowmobilers enter with the understanding that they should exercise extreme care and reduce speed.”  We are monitoring the lakes and ice crossings regularly.  They will be staked following the OFSC guidelines when safe to do so.  Check the interactive trail guide for trail availability.  Happy sledding everyone!

Ride safe!
Steven B, ASC