ASC Update: October Reminders

With the snowmobile season quickly approaching we just wanted to remind you of the following:

  • OFSC Trail Permits – trail permits are now on sale. $200 on or before Nov 1, $230 on or before Dec 1 and $280 onwards. Classic permits $160 Oct 1 – Dec 1 and $190 onwards. Thank you for choosing ASC as your club of choice and selecting the tab that you are willing to volunteer.
  • ASC Memberships – to offer the best trails possible, we rely on the sale of club memberships, your generous donations and our fundraising events. Please consider supporting us by going to  Individual annual memberships are $20 and lifetime family memberships are $150. Your annual membership is due for renewal each October. Thank you for your support.
  • License Plate Stickers  – unlike your car, a current validation sticker is still required on your snowmobile.


Happy Sledding.