ASC Update: November 11th 2021

Snowmobiling in Muskoka, in fact in Ontario, could not exist without the support of its many volunteers. Here, we would like to recognize some Algonquin Snowmobile Club (ASC) volunteers who have made a difference.

Volunteer Of The Year:
This award will cover the last 2 years as it was not issued last year. This individual is a consistent supporter of the ASC and has even purchased a life time membership. He is neither a permanent nor seasonal resident here, yet he finds the time to come up, at his own expense, to help out. He is a big time snowmobiler, groomer operator and volunteer at his own club in SW Ontario. The ASC would like to congratulate and thank Ron Wilks for all his support. Ron will receive a $50 gift card from Din’s Fresh Fries. (drawn at random from our generous sponsorship supporters)

Life Time Achievement Award:
This is a new award and one that is not easily earned. There are several candidates from over the years, including the following from our current membership, Garry & Lynn, Tim & Mimi, Paul Murray, Dan Boothby, Fran Gower, and Bill Service (happy 92 birthday this week Bill). This individual, however, does stand out. Imagine being a top volunteer for 30+ years while also holding down the positions of president and vice-president for the majority of the time. He provides the club with space to store and maintain our groomer and he is always available to help out. Also a big time sledder, we would like to thank Scott Hayden for his years of support to the ASC. Scott will receive a $50 gift card from Muskoka On The Rocks (drawn at random from our generous sponsorship supporters). Moving forward, this will be called the Scott Hayden Award.

OFSC Safe Snowmobiling Ambassador:
The OFSC only accepts nominations for 2 individual awards per district. To be nominated by the district, amongst hundreds of other volunteers, is quite an accomplishment. This individual has worked tirelessly for the ASC to make our trails better and safer. When short on groomer operators, he would be out there, literally, day and night keeping our trails first class. He has spent countless hours working through issues with the township and the MNR, and keeping our equipment repaired and in working order. We are very proud and fortunate to have Steven Barnstaple involved with our club. Congrats Steven, well deserved.

To the above recipients, snowmobiling in Ontario thanks you.