ASC Update: Membership Drive and Renewals

As promised last year, here is a friendly reminder that annual memberships for 2023 are now due.
Of the 34 annual members from last year, only 8 people have renewed.
Yes, I forget all the time too.
Thanks to those who have already renewed and also to our 9 new annual members and 4 new lifetime members.
Last year we had a total of 74 members (40 lifetime, 34 annual).
We are looking to increase that number with your help.
I will update you in 2 weeks to see how we are doing.
Membership sales go a long way in helping to finance those items not covered by trail permits.
For example, we just purchased a new sleigh for staking the 5 lakes that we look after.
Our volunteers put in about 500 stakes, so the new sleigh will make things faster and easier.
While I am rambling on, I would like to dispel 2 myths:
1 – “I renewed my ASC membership on the OFSC website when I purchased my trail pass”.
Thank you for choosing us, it does give us some benefits, but they are not financial and it is not tied to an ASC membership.
2 – “I must have an ASC membership because I receive their “Mail Chimp” newsletter.
No. As a service to the snowmobile community, we provide our newsletter to anyone who wants it.
Individual annual memberships ($20) and lifetime family memberships ($150) can be purchased
through our website at
Thank you for your support.
Kent, ASC

PS Other ASC events that are coming up:
Feb. 4/23 – Family Friendly Poker Run
Feb. 25/23 – Oxtongue Lake Fish Derby