OOPS! I forgot to renew my ASC membership last year. I am going to blame it on the COVID chaos! (but ASC did forget to remind me)
Looks like I am not the only one. 

Our annual membership is only 10% of what it should be.

First, let me dispel a couple of misconceptions:

1 – “I renewed my ASC membership on the OFSC website when I purchased my trail pass.”
Thank you for choosing us, it does give us some benefits from the OFSC, but they are not financial and
it is not tied to an ASC membership.

2 – “I must have an ASC membership because I receive their Mail Chimp newsletter”
No. As a service to the snowmobile community, we currently provide our newsletter to anyone who wants it.

Membership is important to the club as it gives us funds to maintain and improve trails or buy equipment
that is not covered by the OFSC.

A big thank you, this year, goes out to the two groups that have been carrying us.

The 25 lifetime members (actually 26, I just bought mine) and the members of the “10 year club”.
Those members who have consistently bought memberships for the last 10 years or more include:
Fran Gower
Al Hearne
Tom Jarvis
Garry and Lynn Logan
Bill and Marcie McLean
Paul and Irene Murray
Terry Tucker
Terry and Heather Wilson

So, if you are like me, you may want to go to the club website:

There you can renew your annual membership for $10, buy a lifetime family membership for $100 or
just make a donation as you see fit. PayPal and etransfer is available.
All donations are greatly appreciated, including a very generous donation this year from lifetime member John Galt.
These funds will go a long way towards activities that we would not be able to do otherwise.
If you have questions about your membership or anything else, you can contact us at:

Thank you everyone for your support.

Happy sledding.