Hello ASC followers!!
The winner of our ASC Shelter picture is…DANIEL CHERIYAN! Congratulations Daniel, you will receive a $20 gift certificate from Dwight Lumber.

I think that the following people have been sledding here for quite some time, as they were all able to provide some information about this picture:

Mike Beaver
Bill Adams
Dianne Scott
Gord McBride
Lee Argen
Daniel Cheriyan

The most information, and even a current picture of this location, however, came from Daniel Cheriyan.

The Full Story:
The picture is of the original MNR shelter at the junction of trails D101B and 65. Best guess is that it was built in the late 60s/early 70s.
In the picture, taken during the 92/93 season, is our very own Tim Drouin, his son Christopher (just 3 yrs old) and a pair of 1979 Ski-doo Everest 440s.
In its place today, of course, is the ASC Shelter. Built the week of Dec 29, 2010 by a large group of volunteers, with materials supplied by Dwight Lumber, it has become a popular place to meet and hold club activities. Happy sledding. See you at “the Shelter”.