ASC Trail Report January 28th 2021

ASC Trail Report

It is January 28th, 2021.  We’ve had enquiries regarding some of our red trails.  Under the OFSC “Flex Trail” initiative, we had to temporarily close 76.  We hope to have it back to yellow soon.  Areas north of us were forced by their Medical Officer of Health to close some trails due to complaints of some sledders not conforming to the current Covid-19 restrictions.   Studies have shown that the recreational sport of snowmobiling is good physical exercise and good for one’s mental health.  We don’t want to lose this.  Please follow the restrictions and be respectful of each other.
We have been having some colder weather with a few more cold days in the forecast.  Exactly what we need to get the rest of the lakes staked.  We have had more snow, but we are still hitting rocks.  The snow hanging in the trees on the trails is like being in a real-life magazine.  A photo from today is viewable on our Facebook page.
When you can, please support all our sponsors both while on and off the trails.
Check the interactive trail guide for trail availability.  Happy sledding everyone!
Ride safe!

Steven B., ASC