ASC – Club Update and Brief AGM Recap

ASC – Club Update and Brief AGM Recap

Quality snowmobiling in Muskoka is dependent on our many volunteers and the financial support from events, membership sales and our business partners. Nothing however is more important than a strong club to make all this happen. To have a strong club, we need volunteers willing to help out.
Currently we have 9 people doing 15 jobs (see below). We are all in agreement that volunteering needs to be fun and that no one puts in more time than they are comfortable with. So, to maintain good trails and events, we need your help.
Locals/cottagers, retired/working, men/women, singles/couples.

Everyone is welcome.

“Coordinator Assistant” –  Have you been thinking about supporting your club/sport but don’t know how to do that ?
Then this position may be for you.
No time commitment and no responsibility other than attending monthly meetings (during the snowmobile season) and helping the coordinators as you see fit.
If you would like to be involved and have some fun, send us an email ( introducing yourself and we will get back to you. Thank you.

Election Results:
Initial responsibilities following the AGM.
To be updated as more volunteers come forward.

4 Directors:
President – Kent McDonald
Vice President – (vacant) Gerry is handling
Treasurer – Gerry Doedens
Secretary – Craigie van Bremen

11 Coordinators:
Social Events – Mark Dimpfel
Regulated Signage – Bill Barnes
Regulated Signage Installation – (vacant) Kent is handling
Groomer Operations and Trail Maintenance – Steven Barnstaple
Equipment and Groomer Maintenance – (vacant) Steven is handling
Business Liaison and Sponsorship – (vacant) Steven is handling
Landowner Relations – Bruce Alexander
Lake Staking – (vacant) Gerry is handling
Membership – Janet McDonald
Volunteers – (vacant) Kent is handling
Communications – Robert van Bremen

2023 AGM Recap:

Thank you to the 14 people who attended this Zoom meeting.

Vice President Report – Scott thanked the executive for all their hard work and acknowledged a great year despite poor weather and difficulties with the new groomer and its replacement.

Treasurer’s Report – Janet reported that due to great community support of our events, membership drives and business sponsors we were able to buy a new brush cutter for the drag and to pay a retainer of $7,500 for the initial engineering of a new bridge to replace the old South Creek Bridge.

OFSC District 7 – Kent discussed that district elections for Governor, President and Vice President are coming due in June. Our Steven Barnstaple had put his name forward for Vice President. Thank you Steven.

Trails Update – Steven advised that it has been a long and frustrating process dealing with the replacement of South Creek Bridge and dealing with LoB township to establish ownership/responsibility of Hunters Bridge. We would like to find a better reroute for trail 77 than running down Limberlost Rd.

Social – Mark recapped the very successful Poker Run and Fish Derby.

Communications – have been key to the club’s success this year. Over 1200 people are contacted by our Mail Chimp and even more through Facebook.

Membership – we have had great support from the snowmobile community again this year. Two years ago we had 30 members. Last year 74. This year we are up to 58 lifetime members and 71 annual members for a total of 129. Thank you everyone.

Volunteers – nothing would get done without our volunteers. Again, great support. Our last work weekend had 22 people attend. John Shabatura, Ken Cunnington and Andrew Jarmain were instrumental in keeping the groomer running. Thank you all.

Landowners – Bruce is needing help this summer to update our landowner list.

Thank you for your support of the ASC and snowmobiling in Muskoka
Your ASC Executive.